Where job performance
meets human performance.

Where job performance
meets human performance.

For more than a decade, Bennett Aerospace has provided outstanding personnel support for the U.S. military, federal law enforcement agencies, executive departments of the federal government, and scientific agencies within the U.S. government.

What sets us apart from other government contractors is our emphasis on delivering employees who are better equipped to perform at their best for the benefit of our country!

Using proven human performance initiatives, we enable employees to focus all their energy on accomplishing our clients’ most critical objectives - from fighting the opioid crisis to advancing technology that protects the warfighter. We are dedicated to delivering better people to make our country stronger and safer.


2nd annual Vincent Boyle Sr. Scholarship winners

July 2021

Vincent Boyle Sr.
Vincent Boyle Sr.

Winning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields requires thoughtful preparation, intentional community building, and providing opportunities for growth and learning at all education levels. Bennett Aerospace demonstrates its commitment to winning in STEM by building and promoting a pipeline of the future’s best and brightest minds through our Vincent Boyle Sr. Scholarship Fund. This scholarship honors its namesake’s 45-year career as an physicist at the Army Research Laboratory where he was dedicated to mentoring the next generation of scientists advancing research in support of enhancing US Defense. Mr. Boyle exemplified the values of commitment, reliability and mentorship, contributing many published works to the knowledge base of explosive physics and dedicating his life’s work to our country’s most critical research agencies.

Bennett Aerospace designed this scholarship fund to provide for an annual contribution of up to $10,000 in scholarships to active Bennett Aerospace employees, their spouses, or children, to further their education and training in STEM fields. Each year, we solicit our employee network to source our next round of scholarship recipients.

2021 year recipients are:

1. Corissa Quinn - "My understanding of how math affects life has changed so much in the past five years and for that, I am grateful. I know now how much numbers can impact one’s life and I want to continue to challenge myself and learn more so I might be able to help the numbers sway in the favor of those who otherwise may not have that opportunity."

2. Lauren McDonald - "I have always been surrounded by technology, and knew it was a direction I wanted to pursue. However, I also had a passion for creating art. That’s when I discovered the Creative Technologies major, here at Virginia Tech. It provided a way for me to both pursue my passion for art, in a new and growing field of technology based work, such as animation, creative coding, and gaming..."

3. Victoria Gong - "I was reminded during quarantine of what I loved about neuroscience ... I grew completely interested in how our brains respond to company, communication, and feedback, why they're so vital to our wellbeing, and where self-motivation even comes from in the first place. Coming out of this, I think that curiosity will become one of my driving factors in learning. I also want to continue to be inspired by humanity, science, and their intersections as I continue to grow and look towards the future, and I want to keep reminding myself about the truly amazing things I have yet to learn and fall in love with.."

We are proud of Mr. Boyle’s contributions to STEM throughout his career and seek to carry on his legacy through this scholarship and through exemplary service to ARL and our many customers engaged in research and development across various elements of the Department of Defense and other government agencies. Please contact HR to find out how you can become part of our team or to get more information on the Vincent Boyle Sr. Scholarship Fund.

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