Where job performance
meets human performance.

Where job performance
meets human performance.

For more than a decade, Bennett Aerospace has provided outstanding personnel support for the U.S. military, federal law enforcement agencies, executive departments of the federal government, and scientific agencies within the U.S. government.

What sets us apart from other government contractors is our emphasis on delivering employees who are better equipped to perform at their best for the benefit of our country!

Using proven human performance initiatives, we enable employees to focus all their energy on accomplishing our clients’ most critical objectives - from fighting the opioid crisis to advancing technology that protects the warfighter. We are dedicated to delivering better people to make our country stronger and safer.


Bennett Aerospace Earns Veteran Institute Procurement Certification

May 2022

Bennett Aerospace has completed a comprehensive certification program led by the Veteran Institute for Procurement to equip participating companies with knowledge on contract negotiation strategies and other information that could help them in securing international contracting opportunities.

The three-day VIP International program hosted subject matter experts who discussed human resources management, compliance and logistics, program management and internal controls, as well as marketing, proposals and business development, Bennett Aerospace said Thursday.

The topics were tailored to enable accelerated federal and commercial contracting through best business practices.

“Understanding our risks better helps calculate and prepare for them,” commented Julia Bennett, CEO of Bennett Aerospace and a VIP International graduate.

The program also served as a platform to connect to a national network of veteran-owned small businesses.

“We are honored to give back to the men and women who served our country by providing them with the necessary tools to accelerate their growth in the international marketplace,” said Barbara Ashe, national director of VIP.

The organization is in partnership with the Small Business Administration, the State of Maryland, Lockheed Martin and JPMorgan Chase. It is funded by the Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation and its sponsors.

3rd Annual Vincent Boyle, Sr. Scholarship

March 2022

Vincent Boyle Sr.
Vincent Boyle Sr.

The purpose of the Vincent Boyle Sr. Scholarship Fund is to honor Vincent Boyle Sr. who exemplified hard work and dedication to his career at Bennett. His prior work included a 45-year career as a Research Scientist in the area of explosive physics in the Weapons and Materials Research Directorate, Explosives Technology Branch, Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and a further seventeen years with other Government contractors including three and a half years with Bennett Aerospace. He was the author or co-author of numerous scientific reports for the Department of Defense. Vincent exemplified a passion for science, a commitment to the soldier, and selfless collaboration.

We created this scholarship fund to honor Vincent by recognizing his perseverance and commitment to the mission and values of Army Research Laboratory and Bennett Aerospace. On an annual basis, Bennett will award up to $10,000 in scholarships to active Bennett employees, their spouses or children to help further their education and training in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) university program.

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