Welcome to Bennett Aerospace, Inc.

Bennett Aerospace, Inc.’s purpose is to deliver cutting edge science and technology solutions to our U.S. Government customers in order to help safeguard our nation and keep us a world-leader. As a Professional Services / Management consulting firm and innovative solutions provider in the areas of science and technology, Bennett Aerospace professionally recruits, manages and supports our engineers, scientists, researchers and technologists so that they are fully skilled and ready, on day one, to perform with integrity, performance and quality.

Our Core Capabilities

Program Management

We CARE about program results, our people out doing the work, and ultimately, the satisfaction of our clients.


We use the IDEAL CANDIDATE approach to get the best people for our clients.


Our CORE VALUES are key to creating innovative scientific and technological solutions for our Federal clients.

Our professional support services are focused on Scientific Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA), IT, cyber security, and laboratory-based research and development. We are committed to performing quality, highly directed R&D and professional services that focus on real-world challenges.

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